A wide network of clients in Europe allows “INLOGO” to connect transportation flows in order to create additional value to each business partner. Cooperation with manufacturers and distributors in various European countries allows us to efficiently distribute transportation flows. This creates a network of directions which helps clients minimize their transportation expenses. We transport full and partial loads in the following types of semi-trailers:

Refrigerated semi-trailers

  • Capacity: 33 EUR-pallets
  • Temperature control: from -25 to +25 °C
  • Possibility to print a thermogram
  • Maximum load capacity: up to 23.5 tonnes
  • Dimensions: 13.36 m x 2.60 m 2.48 m

Curtain-side semi-trailers

  • Maximum load capacity: 25 tonnes
  • Capacity: 34 EUR-pallets
  • Dimensions: 13.60 m x 2.75 m 2.48 m